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Master guitarist Robbie Laws is a legendary multi-award winning 'Best Electric Guitarist' and TrueFire Educator from the Pacific Northwest offering top notch professional entertainment and guitar instruction to music lovers, guitar enthusiasts and guitar players everywhere with his thrilling riffs and soulful expertise.

Phrase Like A Boss Live Webinar 6/3/19

Guitar Neck.jpg
Guitar Neck.jpg

Phrase Like A Boss Live Webinar 6/3/19

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Monday - June 3, 2019 @ 6 pm (PST).

It’s time to get kick those five tired old licks to the curb once and for all! Join Robbie Laws for this 30 minute Live, Interactive, Online Webinar and learn how to blend chord and scale tones, build the call and response and apply the dynamic ebb and flow.

The man can flat out play guitar like it’s his business.... and it is.
— Greg Johnson, Cascade Blues Society