Robbie Laws Music

Master guitarist Robbie Laws is a legendary multi-award winning 'Best Electric Guitarist' and TrueFire Educator from the Pacific Northwest offering top notch professional entertainment and guitar instruction to music lovers, guitar enthusiasts and guitar players everywhere with his thrilling riffs and soulful expertise.

Great departure from predictable...
I loved the licks in this course - they all sounded fresh! Also, they typically take more then 2-3 measures, so you can slice them and use just parts. Technically, they are intermediate (which works for me). After checking several pentatonic licks courses, I though this one was by far the best. BTW, was surprised by a member’s commentary below (mattstutts2) “I don’t like the licks courses.” This course should be judged on merits within Licks courses alone.
— dragansd
Great Course
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I purchased this course, but I have been thoroughly impressed by Robbie’s teaching method and exercises included in this course. Very nice for breaking out the typical pentatonic rut we all fall into. You will discover some new sounds, new licks, and a greater understanding on your playing and skill level.
— John
Great course!! One of my favorites
I have dozens of courses and really enjoyed them but this is one of my favorites...simply the way it was laid out...licks in position 1, licks for position 2, etc. This really made it easy to learn and retain licks and for composing solos...Robbie is a good teacher and easy to listen to and understand. Great Job.
— Sixx
Fresh perspective on pentatonic playing
I have to say that this course increased my appreciation for pentatonic playing. A lot of these licks don’t sound like pentatonics, as Robbie adds in other notes here and there to colour things. Also good for developing timing, as some licks require that you start on a specific beat. There are only a couple licks that I might retain in my style of playing, but I will be referring back to this course in future for a refresher. Definitely a fresh perspective on pentatonic playing
— Kimball
The man can flat out play guitar like it’s his business.... and it is.
— Greg Johnson, Cascade Blues Society