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Master guitarist Robbie Laws is a legendary multi-award winning 'Best Electric Guitarist' and TrueFire Educator from the Pacific Northwest offering top notch professional entertainment and guitar instruction to music lovers, guitar enthusiasts and guitar players everywhere with his thrilling riffs and soulful expertise.

GROOVOLOGY 6 WEEK GUITAR COURSE - $125 NEXT SESSION: January 9 to February 13 - Wednesdays - 6:30-8:00 pm

This course is a dedicated study of groove. We will take you through the rhythms and grooves, chord progressions and time signatures used in every style and aspect of modern music from shuffles to rumbas, funk to swing and all points in between. You will learn from examples of various styles what goes into a particular groove. You will also learn how to create monster grooves by breaking down the rhythmic elements. The framework is laid out for you to build your own grooves and compositions. Are you ready?

OBJECTIVES: To be pocket player puts you in the position of thinking like a drummer. You will learn time signatures, knowing how to count properly, how to subdivide and to know how to develop a creative rhythmic them or pattern. For example, pocketing an 8th note rock groove or a syncopated 16th note funk groove.


  • Rhythm Techniques

  • Rhythmic Approaches

  • Comping Concepts

  • Creative Themes and Rhythmic Patterns

  • Harmonic Concepts

  • Chord Vocabulary

  • Chord Inversions

  • Chord Substitutions

  • Chord Progressions

  • Vamps & Grooves

  • Left Hand Technique/Right Hand Technique

  • Syncopated Strumming Patterns 


This course is a complete in-depth study of rhythm for guitarist who want to increase their understanding of rhythm and theory. Rhythm Central takes you beyond the basics to a deeper level of understanding in rhythmic concepts. All rhythmic examples are charted out in musical notation as well as tablature and chord form, along with a brief history of each of the example’s origins and applications. All examples will be broken down with explanation and then played through in class.


All course materials will be conveyed in clear, concise explanations of the varied styles and applications of rhythmic possibilities. The student will be able to explain different time signatures and count them out. Learning to play all rhythmic figures covered in this course will allow the student to develop various rhythmic concepts and styles of their own. The class will also learn how to apply the cadences and chord comping concepts in various time signatures for original compositions.


  • Blues: Shuffles 2/4, 4/4, 6/8, 12/8, Swings, Jump Swing, Rumbas

  • Country: Two Beat, Train Beat, Second Line, Country Rock

  • Funk: Old-School, Urban, Uptown, Funk Rock

  • Jazz: Straight Ahead, West Coast, Cool Jazz, Bebop


  • Syncopation and application

  • Chord comping concepts in cadence forms

  • Counting out time signatures

  • Counting out in subdivisions

  • Rhythm syncopated strumming patterns

THE JAMMERS LOUNGE SIX WEEK GUITAR COURSE - $125 NEXT SESSION: March 2 to April 6 - Saturdays @ 12:00-1:30 pm

Jam in the Lounge under the guidance of nationally acclaimed Robbie Laws.

Discover new strategies for musical application and performance in a group or band environment.


  • Be Prepared - Magic happens when preparedness meets opportunity

  • Communication is Key - clear verbalization, body language & proper cues

  • Listening - when to solo and when not to solo

  • Naming Your Chord Progressions

  • Know Your Equipment

  • The Art of Self-Control


  • Chord Shapes:  The CAGED Sequence

  • Triads, Dyads and Extended Arpeggio Forms

  • Applied Theory

  • Rhythm Techniques

  • Picking Techniques

  • Chord and Scale Vocabulary

  • Harmonization Application

The man can flat out play guitar like it’s his business.... and it is.
— Greg Johnson, Cascade Blues Society